Online and Mobile Ordering for Your Restaurant

Have your restaurant(s) accepting online/mobile orders in a matter of hours, for less than a quarter of the cost of other services.


No Contracts

No contracts to keep you locked in. Easily cancel whenever you like with the click of a button.

No Setup or Hidden Fees

No cost for setup or Menu entry. No other fees will magically appear.

Simple Setup

Be up and running in hours instead of days. Our setup wizard will walk you through the process. Menu entry is usually the most time consuming portion, and if you like, send us your Menu and we'll enter it for you free of charge.

Instant Transfer of Funds

Don't wait weeks for payment from orders. Funds are instantly transferred to you during the order process.

24/7 Access to Your Menu and Settings

Manage your Menu, Schedule, Delivery Area and other settings whenever you like, or let us do it for you. Just send us any updates, and we'll make the changes for you, free of charge.


eMenuExpress Other Services
No Contracts icon
No Contracts / Easily Cancel
May lock you into annual contracts.
No Setup Fee icon Fees for Restaurant and Menu creation.
No Hidden Fees icon Additional fees for "Premium" features.
Instant Transfer of Funds icon Typically takes weeks to receive payment from orders.
24/7 Online Admin Access icon Updating your Menu and Settings may involve calling customer service and waiting hours/days.
Order Notification Options icon
Email, Text Message, Fax, Google Print and Real-Time Order Dashboard
Many times limited to fax and/or charge extra fees for certain options.
Payment Processing icon
One fee for all card types.
May charge extra for online payment processing and charge extra for different card types.
Customizable Delivery Area icon
Update your delivery area at any time.
May not even verify customer is inside of specified delivery area.


NO Monthly Fees
NO Setup or Other Hidden Fees
Regardless of what type of credit card used.
These are the fees charged by the payment processor.


How it works...

  1. Create an account.
  2. Follow the setup steps to enter/configure Restaurant information such as:
    • Location
    • Contact Info
    • Daily Schedule
    • Menu (You can email us your menu and we'll enter it free of charge.)
    • Delivery Area
    • Order Notification Options
  3. Once you complete the setup, your restaurant is online taking orders.
  4. Place an "Order Now" button on your website which links to your menu with us.
  5. Customers can then find your restaurant through our restaurant finder or be linked directly from your website.
  6. Once the order is placed, order funds are instantly transferred to you and order notification is transmitted.

Your Restaurant, Your Menu, manage it how and when you want.

We've developed to be managed by you the Restaurant.

  • Create and manage your online presence yourself. No waiting for customer service to get around to making updates for you.
  • Need to adjust a menu item or add a special menu for the upcoming game? Log in, make the change and it's immediately visible to your customers.
  • Inclement weather or traffic in a certain direction? Instantly change your delivery area accordingly.
  • Manage your Menu and settings 24/7.

Update your Menu whenever you like and have the changes immediately visible to your customers.

  • Flexible design to meet your needs. Have multiple Menus (Tabs to the customer) and Product Groupings.
  • Specials / Packages: Our menu flexibility allows for "Specials". For example: A two topping pizza, 12 chicken wings and 2 liter of soda for a discounted price. Whatever combination you require can be entered and updated when needed.
  • Toppings: List as many toppings as you like with an optional additional price.
  • Modifier Requirements: Customize your products with any Modifierrmation needed. Making the customer input required or optional.
  • Pizza Builder: A unique specification just for pizzas. This allows the customer to have more flexibility with how they choose toppings. (Halves and Double Toppings allowed.)

Quick Access to your Money

Have payments from your customers directed to your account.

During the setup process (or at a later date if you choose), you'll be able to optionally configure this feature. It's free, quick (only takes a couple minutes) and secure.
Once configured, any payments will be directed to your account minus the fees described above.

We realize one size doesn't fit all. So take your pick: Choose one or all, no additional cost to you. Like we said, there are no added/hidden fees.

  • Order Dashboard - All restaurants have this feature. Keep the dashboard open on any computer or tablet and have a real-time view of incoming orders.
  • Fax - Choose to have orders faxed to your restaurant.
  • Email - Have orders emailed.
  • Text Message - Two options here:
    1. Choose a standard text alert which won't contain order details. Just notification an order has been received.
    2. Choose to receive an MMS message. We'll send you an image of the order containing all the order details.
  • Google Cloud Print
    Have orders automatically sent to any printer(s) you choose utilizing Google Cloud Print. Works with typical home printers or IP printers.

Real-Time Order Dashboard

  • Real-time connection to instantly see orders placed.
  • View / Print order details.
  • Clear orders from the dashboard once processed.
  • Have multiple dashboards open at the same time. Want to monitor things from home while your employees are using the dashboard as well? No problem.
  • Visual notification of internet connection status. If you lose connection, the dashboard will notify you and reconnect once connection issues are resolved.

Delivery Area

Only customers with an address inside of your specified delivery area will be able to place delivery orders.

  • Radius - Choose to set a simple radius for your delivery area.
  • Draw Your Own - Need to be more specific with your delivery area? We've got you covered. Draw your own on a map.
  • Instantly Update - Inclement weather or traffic in a certain direction? Change your delivery area and it will be updated immediately to your customers.


  • Typical Week - Set your typical seven day Sun-Sat schedule for Pickup and Delivery orders.
  • Exceptions - Add any exceptions to the normal schedule. Holidays, half-days, extended hours? Not a problem.

Your customers will always be able to see your Menu. However the ability to accept orders will correspond to schedule settings.

  • Search Previous Orders - View previously placed orders. Searching by date ranges, order numbers, customers... Then choose to export the results to Excel or Pdf for reporting purposes if needed.
  • Override Functionality - Need to quickly stop taking orders? Your home screen will have the ability to override your delivery and schedule settings if ever needed.
  • Delivery Fee and Minimum Delivery Order - Quickly adjust Delivery Fee and Minimum Delivery Order amount.
  • Display and quickly update order wait times and a custom message to customers viewing your menu.


How do I sign up?

Simply click "Sign Up" to create your account: Sign Up

After you register, you'll be walked through the setup process (e.g. Restaurant Info, Schedule, Menu, Delivery Area, Notification Options)

Once complete, your restaurant is online and accepting orders.

Note: Menu entry usually takes the longest. If you'd like us to enter your Menu, just skip the Menu Entry section during setup and email us your Menu to:

Is it really free to get everything up and running without any contracts? Seriously.

Yup. Have your restaurant accepting online/mobile orders in hours without any upfront cost. Only occurring fees if/when orders are placed.

If you aren't satisfied with the service for any reason, you can cancel whenever you like with a click of a button from the Restaurant Admin section. We don't believe in locking restaruants into the service. However we also believe you'll happliy stay. Having no contracts makes us accountable for providing a great service for a great cost.

Simply put, you can try things risk/cost free and cancel before any orders are placed if you're dissatisfied for any reason.

How am I notified of orders?

There are multiple options:

  • Email
  • Text Message: Either a normal text message that just alerts you of an order, or a message including an image that contains all the order details.
  • Fax
  • Google Cloud Print: Which will send the order to any printer(s) you'd like.
  • Real-Time Order Dashboard: Accessible from any computer or tablet. This will give you a real-time view of incoming orders. You can then view and print details. Then clearing the order once it has been processed.

How do I receive order payments?

Two Options:

  • Have the funds (minus fees) instantly transferred to your payment gateway. This is created during the setup proces and only takes a couple minutes.
  • Choose instead to receive checks monthly.

Is there a demo to check out?

Yes, take a look here: View a Demo of Frank's Burger Shack

Need more information before signing up?
Email us any questions and we'll get right back to you:

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